About Emmaleigh

Hello, I'm Emmaleigh White and I’m a certified wedding and event planner located in Lansing, Michigan. I launched my wedding and event planning business in 2018 shortly after I had my own wedding. I have always had a passion for planning and love seeing everything come together. While I was planning my own it sparked a joy inside me and I knew that I wanted to be the person to bring all the details together for others by making it a fun and stress free process.
When I'm not planning weddings, I love to spend time with my family and friends. I'm happily married and we have the most amazing son. I absolutely love weddings and have my couples very best interest at the heart of what I do. I feel so honored that I get to be apart of the most important day in people's lives and I hope that I get to be apart of yours.

Meet Emmaleigh:

two guys that share my heart.


beautiful weddings are planned and coordinated  each year.


cups of coffee to prepare me for the day ahead.


My family and friends have my heart. Our moments together, creating memories are my favorite.


My husband and I try to be intentional about spending time with one another and as a family. My cup overflows when I get to spend quality time with the ones I love. 

Quality Time

Planning literally anything and creating lists are my second nature. I find it therapeutic to cross items off a list.  


As a professional wedding planner, romantic moments are simply my favorite.


What I love Most:

My journey began when I was planning my own wedding. Excited, in love and passionate about all the details. Planning my wedding made me realize that there are so many details that go into it and without the right resources and planning tools it can be overwhelming to say the least. When our wedding day had passed and our honeymoon was enjoyed, I longed to plan another one.  It sparked a joy inside me and I knew that I wanted to be the person to bring all the details together for others by making it a fun and stress free process.


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But it wasn't always easy. I was working full time at General motors as a team leader building cars. Yes, you read that right, I built cars. To be honest with you I wasn't happy there but it paid great and a fun fact, I met my husband, Jay there but that's a story for another time. I began planning weddings while working long shifts but I didn't let that keep me from being a great wedding planner. Once I had my son, my husband and I made the long thought out decision for me to stay home with him. I then was able to take on more weddings because I had more availability. I'm a stay at home mom and a wedding planner. I am truly blessed to be living out my dream.   

But It wasn't always easy...

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Investing in my business has been so rewarding. In September of 2021 I decided to take The Bridal Society's wedding planning course to further my education and  become a certified wedding planner through the worlds leading wedding planning certification and membership group. I learned so much from them and now have access to so many resources, tools and other certified wedding planners around the world.
I'm also a certified timeline genius and have invested in Timeline Genius' online smart software that thinks through all the wedding details and helps create my wedding day timelines. 
With both of these investments I have become more knowledgeable and feel confident that I can be the best equipped  for my clients. 

Investing IN my Business...

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love to sing

Most people don't know that I:

tie between my husband and son

My favorite person in the world is:

spend time at home

When it's not wedding season, I:

seeing the bride's dress & the first look

My favorite part of a wedding is:

an author of a book or a interior designer

If I weren't a wedding planner, I'd love to be:

a large coffee in my hand

During wedding season, I usually have:



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